Portfolio of Ryan's Work

Here you will find a selection of the work I have carried out in the past, with a brief description of the work undertaken. Where possible, for websites a link will be provided to the finished product to allow you to have a look for yourself at my work.

References from past clients are availiable upon request.


K'monyaraj, Gentlemen's Curry Club
Direct Freelance Commission.

K'monyaraj are a Scottish Curry Club. They required a website to help them organise their monthly visits, collate scores and provide an online forum for their vibrant and growing community.

The Enniskerry Trading Co.
Contracted by TripleOn.

I was sub-contracted to develop the administrative interface for ETC in PHP and mySQL. This included a session-based login system and support for image uploading and online product management.

Chameleon Print Solutions
Contracted by Swan Web Solutions.

I was contracted to carry out some back-end work on this website. I overhauled the system Chameleon use to assign tasks and jobs to their staff and how they are managed. I also found, and fixed several SQL Injection vulnrabilities in their back-end.

Moon Clothing
While employed by MTC Media Ltd.

Moon Clothing are a small designer clothing store based in England. While employed by MTC Media, I developed a stardards-complaint online store for them will full integration with the PROTX payment system.

Shmooz Clothing
While employed by MTC Media Ltd.

Shmooz are a new and leading fashion retailer who were founded in St Andrews, Scotland in 2005. As well as developing the eCommerce System in use, I devised the Search Engine for use on the site. Payments are seamlessly integrated with PROTX.

While employed by MTC Media Ltd.

Librance sell clothes for extreme-sports enthusiasts. Their website was developed to fully integrate with their E-POS and Inventory System to give live stock levels. Payments are handled securely online, again integrated directly with their own payment system.


Jobby - Ruby Background Job Handler
During Employment With PCCL.

Jobby is a simple, yet flexible client / server library for Ruby which allows one to asynchronously run parallel background tasks. It was developed by my collegue Mark Sommerville and myself to solve a problem we had with an old version of BackDRb. It is in production use on high-traffic, mission- critical web applications and has proven stable over a year of use.

gpgr - Easy GPG / PGP Encryption in Ruby.
Personal project on behalf of PCCL.

gpgr makes it easy in Ruby to encrypt a file for one or more recipients using GPG (GNU Privacy Guard), which is a free implementation of the OpenPGP standard. It's a fast and light wrapper around the command-line gpg command and is only concerned with the encryption of files. It does also include support for basic key management, such as importing keys.

Prawn::Graph - Graphing for Prawn
Personal project on behalf of PCCL.

Prawn::Graph adds straightforward native graph drawing to Prawn without the need to depend on anything else. All generated graphs are pure PDF Vector Images. It results in smaller document sizes and less complication.

PCCL GitHub Repository
During Employment With PCCL.

We all, while working at PCCL, have a great deal of respect for the open-source community, Through our GitHub Repository, we give back to the community, by contributing patches back to the upstream projects which we have benefited from. Feel free to fork away and use what we have done.

nlChat Pane
Personal Project made in 2004, Submitted to Plant Source Code

I developed this ActiveX control in 2004 to help with a chat client was working on around the same time. Unfortunately the chat service didn't take off, but other people have found my work useful. Although not of much relevance in this .NET world, this VB6 control may still serve as a point of reference for creating components.