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I'm currently looking for new career opportunities.

The most up-to-date version of my CV is on my LinkedIn Profile.

Happy to relocate for the right opportunity, can live and work anywhere in the EU, UK, or Japan.

You can also download a PDF of my resume.

I’ve been developing software for other people since 2004, and have been programming since I was around 7 years old (on an old VIC-20). I believe strongly in using the right tool for a particular job, so try not to paint myself into a particular corner, or prosthelytize to others.

I’m currently most proficient with the Ruby programming language, but can also get by in Python, JavaScript, PHP and once upon a time, was quite happy to work away in VC++, C# and VB (.NET and 6).

I was one of the first 1000 Zend Certified Engineers in the world.

I look after my own machines, and am quite comfortable with sever administration on most RPM and DEB based distributions of Linux, with particular experience of using RHEL, CentOS Ubuntu Server and Debian.

For my own servers, I quite like using new Configuration Management tools, such as Puppet.

My past employment has had me working everywhere from small local stores to large, household name, companies, government agencies and health boards throughout the UK, Europe and the wider World.

For hobbies, you’ll find me reading Discworld novels or brushing up on my spoken Japanese and French. I love to travel and aim to see as much of the world as is humanly possible in my lifetime. I’m an active member of the Scottish Ruby User Group.

I’ve spoken on various topics at conferences and the local Ruby User Group, some of my talks were posted to Speakerrate and more information is available in the talks section of this site.

I enjoy solving complicated technical problems with elegant solutions. If you would like to find out more about my background and work, please have a look at my Portfolio, browse the projects section.