Time for a new start

For the past two and a bit years I’ve been privileged to work with the fine folks at FreeAgent. I was employee number thirteen in a company that now has over sixty members of staff. It’s been great fun and I’ve learned lots and had tonnes of opportunities, like being able to speak internationally at conferences about subjects I care about, that I probably wouldn’t have had elsewhere.

At the same time as all this, I’ve been working on my own endeavour, The Happy Geek Ltd. For the most part, it’s been about me doing little bits of freelance work and serve as a way for me to scratch my itches and work on some secret projects.

It’s been a hard decision that I’ve been mulling over for ages, but the time’s come for me to break out and do my own thing for a while. I’m available for your freelance development and project management needs. I can cut Ruby with the best of them, PHP when I need to, I understand web application security (and scary things like PCI DSS compliance) and I’m not too bad at the dev-ops stuff either.

I’m also going to be spending a lot more time blogging and writing about things that interest me, which I hope might be of use to other people as well as upping my contributions to open-source projects.

It’s a frightening time, but I think this is a positive move in the right direction for me. I’m leaving FreeAgent with fond memories and colleagues who have became trusted friends. I’ll, of course, continue to be a customer too – FreeAgent’s a fantastic product and their engineering team really is great.

So, I guess you’ll be hearing a lot more from me again. Both here, and over at my company’s website (which really needs some love).

If you’d like to get in touch about hiring me, you can drop me an e-mail, message me on Twitter or drop a comment on the blog.

I’m available for full time and part time contracts, but if you’re an interesting company looking for permanent staff – please do also get in touch – I’m always looking for new challenges. I can work anywhere in the EU, and am OK with working remotely worldwide.