Proposals Submitted for Scottish Ruby Conference

I’ve submitted two proposals to be considered for inclusion in the Scottish Ruby Conference this year (2010).

The first is entitled: Sometimes you just need a Jobby.

You’ll find out all about Jobby, the mechanism for handling heavy, long running tasks in Rails (and almost anything else, for that matter). As well as briefly explaining the reasons behind its development, Iʼll cover in detail how it works, why itʼs different and present some interesting use-cases where it is especially useful.

The second is entitled: :has_many client_databases.

If you have an application you offer as a service to others (think Google Docs and such), youʼre going to run into the problem of needing to keep data separate between your customers. Youʼll want to do this as efficiently as you can, with as little code as possible. Iʼll discuss methods you can adopt to solve this problem and prove with real-world examples that itʼs not quite as difficult a problem as it seems to be.

Fingers crossed, one of these talks will be accepted and I’ll be able to have the fun of presenting!

This year’s Scottish Ruby Conference (Formerly Scotland on Rails) will be held at the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh on March 26th – 27th. It’s run locally, and this, it’s third year, hopes to build on the massive successes enjoyed at previous conferences.

A huge thank you needs to go out to my friends and colleagues who\’ve been annoyed by me for their critique and for their support.