Moving Away from Dreamhost

It’s been a long time coming, in all honesty. Dreamhost are quite possibly the most awful, unreliable and downright oversold hosting service I have ever used. I’m sick of the constant passenger spawn errors because all the RAM in my host machine has been eaten, I’m sick of the slow connection to the site because they have third-world levels of connectivity. Most of all, I’m sick of the terrible customer service and the caviller, off-hand manner they deal with problems on their own network.

I’ve been sitting here with a Linode doing almost nothing for a few months, excepting hosting a few small applications and some client sites. The time has finally come to get the finger out and migrate everything over. The fact that you’re reading this blog-post is proof-enough that the migration worked.

I’ll add a post later on detailing the migration process, here’s a list of everything I had to move:

  • A handfull of domain names
  • Subversion repositories
  • Mercurial repositories
  • Database backups from:
    • Redmine
    • Various other minor applications
  • Redmine migrated with all customisations
  • E-Mail backups

It was all good fun!