Ryan Stenhouse

A bit about me

Hi, I'm ! I'm from sunny Scotland and currently live in Tokyo. In recent years I've spoken at a number of conferences and user groups throughout the world. Here you'll find a collection of the talks I've given and some more information about them.

In addition to PCI DSS Compliance, I've also spoken about PDF documents, localisation, languauge learning and even Klingon. I'm a very active member of the Ruby community and I used to organise an annual tech conference in Scotland.

  1. Conference Talks
  2. User Group Talks
  3. Screencasts

Scottish Ruby Conference 2011

These are not the credit cards you're looking for

An introductory talk about PCI DSS compliance, which covers the basics of the Self Assessment Questionaire and gives general tips to help you with compliance.

  • SAQ
  • Logging
  • FIM

Scottish Ruby Conference 2012

How we learn a language

This talk goes through how we learn programming languages and natural languages and how to go about learning either.

  • Languages
  • Japanese
  • Learning
  • Culture
  • Ruby
  • Abstraction

ArrrrCamp 2012

Cultured locali(s|z)ation

Localisation isn't just a translation problem. This talk introduces some of the cultural and design considerations you need to make.

  • Localisation
  • Engrish
  • Frameworks
  • Design
  • Web

ArrrrCamp 2013

Ecouter et Repetez is so last century

Real people aren't Klingons, we shouldn't be scared to talk to real people to learn their language. Also launches polyglotpair.me.

  • French
  • Learning
  • Ruby
  • Abstraction
  • Languages

Scotch on the Rocks 2013

Cultured locali(s|z)ation

An updated version of the talk which includes more concrete examples and a more sensible order.

  • Culture
  • Protocol
  • Design
  • Learning
  • Localisation
  • Tools

ScotRUG Edinburgh

Rambling on Rails i18n

A whirlwind tour and Q&A about Rails' Internationalisation support.

  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • i18n

SRC 2010 Lightning Talk

Continuous Integration Sucks

A missive about CI and how it's often incorrectly used, and an example of an ideal 'integration' scenario.

  • CI
  • Testing
  • Deployment

ScotRUG Edinburgh

Twilio is freaking awesome

An intoduction to programming telephony with Ruby and the Twilio API.

  • Twilio
  • Ruby
  • API
  • Integration

ScotRUG Glasgow

PDF Madness

Everything you didn't want to know about PDFs and were sane enough not to ask.

  • PDF
  • Javascript
  • PostScript

ArrrrCanp Lightning Talk

tlhIngan Hol

Everyday Klingon for the discening Ruby Pirate

  • Klingon
  • Language
  • Fun

ScotRUG Edinburgh

PDFs are Fun!

The magical world of PDFs exposed through Ruby and the libraries available to us to manipulate them.

  • PDF
  • Prawn
  • Ruby

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