Ryan Stenhouse

Ryan Stenhouse

Engineer, Systems, Languages and Karaoke.
Hi there! I’m an experienced full-stack engineer with a particular fondness for Ruby and an excellent working knowledge of Rails.

I’ve experience with mobile and desktop development for multiple platforms. I’m agile, test-driven and a team player who loves to mentor and share knowledge.

What I do

I have more than 18 years' experience building software for clients all over the world. Want to find out more about my experience? Check out my online resume and linkedin profile.

I can progam in Ruby, JavaScript, C, C++, GoLang, R, Rust, Python, PHP, C# and Java. I'm also fully versed in DevOps and DevSecOps.

I'm an experienced technical and team leader. I've been involved with companies from startups (including my own), to multi-national banks.

Apologies for the bare-bones website. I'm in the middle of migrating content over to here.